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Here at Maryland Lip and Tongue Tie Center, we take pride in showing compassion at our practice. As a mother of two, Dr. Su Kim understands the concerns you have for your kiddo. She takes on your struggles as her own, providing you with quality care from the heart. From the initial consultation, Dr. Kim will provide comprehensive education about lip and tongue-tie surgery, giving you and your infant compassionate care that will greatly improve their quality of life. From the moment you step through our doors until your final goodbye, we are here for you!
Our team can keep you and your kid smiling in Columbia, Ellicott City, Elkridge, and surrounding areas.

Keeping you Informed

What is a Tongue Tie? 

Lip and tongue ties occur when the bands of tissue (frenulum) that connect the tongue or lips don't progress properly, causing the frenum to be left behind; this results in mouth restriction. This generally develops before birth and can cause various symptoms, including issues with breastfeeding, speech problems, or the inability to freely move their tongue past their lips, fully upwards, or side to side. No matter the severity of your child’s case, we will help determine the best course of action to help them smile with ease. If your infant is struggling with any of these symptoms, we provide empathetic care, education, and a minimally invasive CO2 treatment that will quickly, painlessly fix the problem. Your infant deserves the best quality of life and care – we will do everything possible to help! Don’t be afraid to book a consultation today. 

What To Look Out For

Tongue Tie Symptoms

While everyone is different, the following symptoms are commonly found amongst children and nursing mothers that are struggling with a tongue or lip tie:

Infant and Child

  • Struggles with nursing/latching
  • Speech problems
  • Persistent migraines or headaches
  • Cavities, gum disease, bad breath, or other oral health problems
  • Difficulties with dental hygiene
  • Struggle to chew age-appropriate solid foods
  • Avoiding solid food, only eating very soft foods
  • Gagging, choking or vomiting on specific foods
  • Eating an abnormally small amount of food or holding food in the mouth
  • Consistent dribbling or drooling

Nursing Mother's Symptoms

  • Pain during nursing
  • Creased, flattened, or blanched nipples
  • Lipstick-shaped nipples
  • Blistered or cut nipples
  • Poor or incomplete breast drainage
  • Decreased milk supply
  • Plugged ducts, engorgement, or mastitis
  • Nipple thrush
  • Baby prefers one side over other

Empathetic Care

Having a practice that is rich in empathy and understanding is Dr. Kim’s goal. Her main motivator is reassuring struggling mothers during difficult times. She understands the stress you may be feeling if your infant is struggling and wants to help! Whether that be tongue-tie surgery, questions answered, or simply an ear to vent, she will be there for you!

CO2 Laser procedure

As one of the sole providers of CO2 laser procedures in Columbia, Dr. Kim is able to provide virtually painless care. The CO2 laser uses a concentrated beam of CO2 to cut into the frenulum. This process is painless and quick; your child won’t even have to be sedated as it only takes seconds. Because the laser is minimally invasive, it only takes about 3-4 weeks to heal. Your infant will be joyfully out and about in no time!


Dr. Kim is passionate about educating and thoughtfully answering questions from her patients. She knows what it’s like to feel “unheard” during an appointment. Mothers coming to her care will feel heard, understood, and informed. She believes that educating you about what to expect and providing exceptional, purpose-driven care is the best way to put your worries at ease.

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Before & After

At Maryland Lip and Tongue Tie Center, our team is well versed in performing painless, swift procedures with precision. We provide results that will leave your infant joyfully able to move their mouths freely. Our top priority is that you and your infant leave our practice with excellent outcomes!

state of the art technology

Benefits of the LightScalpel CO2 Laser

Providing your child with comfortable, quick, and painless care is one of our top priorities. That’s why we’re thrilled to offer the LightScalpel CO2 Laser! This revolutionary technology dissolves tissue without putting your kiddo in any pain. Because the laser is both gentle and precise, it's the least invasive option for frenectomies. It reduces bleeding, swelling, and the risk of infection. Plus, lip and tongue tie procedures with the LightScalpel take less than a minute to complete! Dr. Kim incorporates the most innovative technology to make the procedure as painless and easy as possible, you can rest assured knowing your child is in capable hands.

Before Image

Mom, Dentist, and Columbia Local

Dr. Su Kim

Dr. Su Kim attended the University of Maryland Baltimore County, receiving a full Dean’s scholarship. She then earned her master’s in Biology from Towson University. While attending the University of Maryland School of Dentistry, she discovered that pediatric dentistry was her life’s calling. She graduated in the top 8, Magna Cum Laude, received her DDS, and later earned her Pediatric Dentistry Residence Certificate.

Fun fact: Dr. Su gave birth to her first child, Habin, on the night she took her 9-hour board exam!

Dr. Kim is part of the Cleft Lip and Palate team at GBMC (Greater Baltimore Medical Center) and is credentialed at Sinai Hospital Lifebridge Health Center. In addition, she is also The Breathe Institute Ambassador; having received training at the Breathe Institute and The Tongue-Tie Academy for Tongue-Tie and Lip-Tie Revision.

As a mother herself, Dr. Kim understands the importance of education. She experienced struggles with nursing and didn’t get the reassurance that she needed. Dr. Kim took this personal experience and educated herself with extensive courses about tongue-ties. With this new sector of practice, she strives to help struggling mothers get the proper attention and compassion that they deserve. 

Today, Dr. Su takes pride in creating a positive, conservative dental experience for her patients and their families. It's her goal to be a friend and advocate to all the moms in her local community. As a mother to two daughters, you can find her spending time with her family, or playing tennis and rock climbing in the neighborhood. By offering support to you and your children in Columbia, Ellicott City, Elkridge, and surrounding areas, Dr. Su hopes to provide care and instill habits that your child can carry with them for life.

Dr. Su Kim Portrait

Proven Compassionate Care

See What Parents are Saying

They were very professional and highly courteous. Doctor Kim had the day off but she came in just to treat my son for an emergency procedure. She did a marvelous job in that procedure as well. I am very impressed with how she went above and beyond to accommodate us. Highly recommend her for our precious children.

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I mean where do I begin? I have 2 kiddos that will be going here until Dr. Kim says they are too old. Our experience was nothing short of awesome. The staff is kind and welcoming. Dr. Kim is very knowledgeable, patient, and transparent. Her office is perfectly designed for little people and she has the state of the art technology geared towards providing the most gentle and efficient care. As a doctor mom, I have experienced first hand the importance of trusting providers. There is no doubt that you can trust Dr. Kim will provide the best care for your littles. I would give it 10 stars if I could.

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What a great experience we had at Tiny tooth! The office was very clean, kid-friendly and everyone was so kind and welcoming. Dr. Kim was absolutely amazing in making the experience calm for my child and not at all stressful. She also gave great recommendations and tips on how to improve my child’s oral health. I felt cared for and informed at the end of the appointment. I highly recommend!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about tongue ties? Find answers here.

Check out these frequently asked questions, or call us at 443-539-7979 to speak with our team.

How do you evaluate whether or not my child has a tongue or lip tie?

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To determine whether your child has a tongue or lip tie, Dr. Kim will have you fill out an extensive questionnaire to get a better understanding of your kiddo’s specific symptoms and struggles. We’ll then have a conversation with you to learn more about your child’s health history and what struggles they are facing with their tongue and lips. Dr. Kim will administer a comprehensive exam to evaluate the severity of the tongue or lip restriction and will capture any images to get a better visualization of the tissue. If Dr. Kim does find that your child has a tongue or lip tie after reviewing this data, she’ll walk you through the treatment plan steps. 

What is the recovery and aftercare like for frenectomies?

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Dr. Kim will recommend some stretches for the tongue and/or lips. These stretches will help ensure that when the frenulum heals, it will not reattach and restrict your child’s oral range of motion. Dr. Kim will recommend doing these exercises 3-4 times a day for the following 3-4 weeks after the procedure. Follow the instructions given to you and make sure you regularly perform all stretches recommended for an effective healing process.

Multi-Disciplinary Care

At Maryland Lip & Tongue Tie Center, we believe in multi-disciplinary care to get the best result out of the frenectomy procedures.

We work closely with lactation consultants, speech therapists, myofunctional therapists, and occupational therapists. Our experts help us look at your issues from every angle. We are as thorough as possible to ensure your child gets comprehensive, quality care that suits their unique needs.

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